Thursday, March 20, 2008

visual HTML editing

I dragged in a label, and a text box that appears to be a pulldown. I've got a button that I'd like to be square, and the size of the pulldown's height, but it needs to be sized to the grid, even though the height of the pulldown is 1-1/3 grid measures.
I'd like to make the grid smaller, for finer-grained size change choices. How do I change the grid?
Can I change the grid?

Copying a button only copies the label on a button. Not surprised, since when the guy in the film demo wanted 3 text fields, he selected them 3 times from the palette. It would be nice to be able to copy an object already sized and labeled in the IDE and then modify it.

I don't see how to add items to a dropdown list. I thought I was able to do it before with a listbox by clicking on items? but when I drag in a new listbox I can't do it with that either. I'll have to hard-code them in later.

I hope this is producing HTML I can edit.

I click "Preview in Browser". Nothing happens. IDE freezes. Then I get three tabs in my firefox browser with the preview. OK, so it just takes it a while. Fine.

There are two choices for page layout: Grid or Flow. I change from Grid to Flow to see if that makes resizing any easier. The grid disappears.

I try moving a listbox to be more aligned with a row of buttons. The listbox hops into the top left corner and won't be dragged out. Even though it's on top of two labels over there. I have a choice of all the way to the top-left, or most of the way in the top-left. It just won't be dragged any further out.

I switch back to Grid Layout and drag out the list box. There is simply no way to get its bottom edge to line up with the bottom edge of my row of buttons. Wait: the right click menu-choice: Align..bottom. It's not a choice when the object is highlighted. It is a choice when I'm just clicking on the page. I select it, try to move the list box. Its bottom still won't align with the grid line. Oh well. Another thing to do while editing the code later. At least this will create the objects for me & be a prototype.

All right, now I have the objects laid out. Where's the HTML page?
I click on Files, find Page1.jsp. Don't tell me this is all JSP.

Oh yes.

webuijsf:dropDown id="viewDropDown" items=\"#{Page1.viewDropDownDefaultOptions.options}\" label=\"View\" labelOnTop=\"true\" required=\"true\" style=\"left: 48px; top: 72px; position: absolute\" valueChangeListenerExpression=\"#{Page1.viewDropDown_processValueChange}\"/\>
Well, I can't say I'm that surprised. I did have to download all the Java Server Faces whatever to get the visual editor to work.

I show this to my boss.

He asks: Can this help in our development?
I reply: If I were doing this from scratch and wanted to do everything their way, with JSF, JSP, their methods, then sure. But we have existing code and HTML and servlets that we want to use, and we need to put our HTML into as small as possible files to handle the low-bandwidth users, so no.
He says: Go on the Forum and see if there's a way to turn this into HTML. Maybe someone has asked this already.

Thither I go.

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