Thursday, March 20, 2008

open IDE

Well, there's links to tutorials, what's new, etc, but nothing 6.1 vs. 6.0.
Theoretically, I could have got the visual HTML editor in 6.0.
I'm offered sample projects, so I'll open their servlet example and look for a visual HTML file.
Nope. I try clicking on icons, looking at menu choices.
OK. I'll create a new project, and hope to get the "Visual JSF" choice, like the guy in the video.

Under "New Project", "Web", "Visual JSF", there's a choice of existing projects. Which seems odd, since, didn't I select "New Project"? But, OK, I'll open an example. A "Single Page CRUD With Form".

Alert: "One or more projects use database connection that have not been registered. Right-click the project in the Projects window and choose "Resolve Data Source Problem"...

I tried, but get the error: "Unable to add connection... The connection was refused because the database travel was not found."

this is getting annoying. All I want is the stupid edit window. Which should be showing up automatically.
I think I'll ask MJ.

Oh wait. Trying New again. Found I'd been in Samples. I keep hitting next, get an option of Visual Web JavaServer Faces.
Red stuff saying some plugins are missing. "Backwards compatability." sound like something that was on the "known issues list" for 6.1.
I try to add them, don't see them.
I bring up Netbeans 6.0 to see if I can get the same visual JSF option there.

O.K. Same place in dialog, same missing plugin message. Can I install them from 6.0? Tabs were dimmed/disabled in 6.1.
Yep. I can install it from 6.0.
There is something insane about going through all this rigamarole for a plain visual HTML editor. I understand why MJ went back to FrontPage for his prototyping.

Installed. I'll try to open a new visual jsf web project in 6.0 again...

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