Thursday, March 20, 2008


First decision:
Select application servers to install with the IDE:

GlassFish V2 UR1 and
Apache Tomcat 6.0.16

are both default selected. We're using Tomcat 5.5
Do I need either of these? Tomcat is already installed. Will the IDE not work correctly for Tomcat if I don't install its Tomcat?
MJ (the guy over the cubicle wall from me) said that when he tried it on Monday, the visual editor wouldn't work if both applications aren't selected, so I guess I'll leave them both checked. Installation Size 308.4 MB, 225 MB without GlassFish, 214.5 without either. Tempting to leave them unchecked, but, nah. Why not? keep em. I want visual editor ASAP.

Please read the following license agreement carefully:
Because it's a beta, I find myself actually reading it. I move to scroll through. There are bizarre things in it, such as references to Yoyodyne and Ty Coon, and the
You know, it would take the rest of the day and a lawyer to actually read it.
Is there a blog somewhere on license agreements?
"Bill Gates has rights to my firstborn son" I used to say while blindly clicking "Accept" on all those Microsoft licenses.

Yep, it picked a fine place on the disk to put the files.
Wow, it needs an administrator password etc for glassfish. I guess I should change the default.
I don't even know if I need the thing.
I guess I'll change the disk to "D", "C" is filling up.

Hmm. It doesn't ask for a password for Tomcat.
OK. Extracting now.
Kind of a delay at 78%. Glassfish again.
OK. Setup Complete.

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