Tuesday, April 29, 2008

slow typing in 'Configure Includes & Excludes'

I'm trying to retrofit a large project into netbeans.

I need to include one subdirectory and exclude the others.

I'm in the "Configure Includes & Excludes" window. I need to type in directory names and wildcard asterisks and slashes. Netbeans is recalculating what needs to be excluded as I type each character. As there are many files, it takes several seconds to calculate. This has the effect of freezing the "Excludes:" text input field. I have to wait a very long time after highlighting an item in the field for it to actually highlight, or to type something and the letters to show up.

It's very difficult to work with. Why not hold off on calculating until I've typed more at a time?

For now, to use this window to sort among many files, one should:
  1. Use the fact that "Includes:" is exclusive--once you type in a directory with wildcards, only that specified path will be included. Thus, if more is excluded than included, type the includes paths first, and exclude from among them.
  2. Type the path/wildcard string in notepad first, then cut and paste it into the Includes or Excludes field, so you don't have the calculation for each character at a time problem.
  3. You don't need wildcards to include everything in a directory including its subdirectories.
    e.g. "foo/bar/" will include all the files in foo/bar/ and foo/bar/subbar/...

(oh yes, I'm working in 6.1 non-beta now; downloaded it yesterday.)

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